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Sae Braely  
Sae Braely As I Was Kissed Yestere'en  
Sae Braely As I Was Kissed Yestere'en (Canada)  
Sailors Hornpipe  
Saint Patrick's Day  
Saint Patrick's Day In The Morning  
Scarlet Regiment  
Scarlet/Stars Medley  
Scotch Greys March  
Scotch Greys Medley  
Scotland The Brave  
Seeley Simpkins  
Sergeant O'Leary  
Seven Stars  
Sherman's March  
Shiley Me Gile  
Sister's Jig  
Slow Chester  
Slow March 4/4  
Slow Troop 3/4  
Smith's Hornpipe  
Soldier's Joy  
Soldier's Return  
Soldiers Joy (Old Guard)  
Some Distance From Prussia  
Spider 6/8  
Squirrel Hunter's Quickstep  
Star Spangled Banner  
Stillman's Reel  
Stony Point  
Strassburg's Quickstep  
Street Beats  
Strube's 6/8  
Sturtze 2/4  
Successful Campaign  
Swallow's Tail  
Swede's Hall  
Swingin' Thru Medley  
Swingin' Thru The Revolution  
Swiss Guard's March